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Cartwheeling with Geese: Short Stories from a Rhodesian Boyhood circa 1955 - 1967

Yesterday my latest book went live on Amazon in both conventional paperback format, and on Kindle as an Ebook, It's a totally different genre compared to my normal writing, and is a collection of humorous boyhood stories from the mid-nineteen fifties to the late nineteen sixties in pre-independent Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The URL is:

Because of the historical era about which the book has been written, I've stayed with the historical name of the country, and of the towns in the country's eastern border region, where I spent much of my boyhood. Growing up in a farming community afforded ample opportunity for high-spirited boyhood mischief, and I hope I've been able to adequately share this with readers in the pages of the book.

The book's first chapter is a story about how at age six, myself, and my close boyhood buddy, the indomitable 'Carshy' stalked the farm's stud dairy bull. Armed with a BB gun we’d decided to shoot the bull on his scrotum. Getting chased by angry geese also adds to the mix of humorous tales, and it's from the goose story the book derives its title. Cartwheeling with Geese will resonate with anyone who was schooled in the Rhodesia of that era.

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