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Closing Down

It's with a fair amount of sadness that I've come to the decision to shut my Blog pages down. Of late I haven't been at all active on the Blog, due to other commitments. This in turn has led to me neglecting the Blog. I've also once more committed myself to writing for South Africa's leading outdoor and hunting magazine, Magnum. As is understandably the case, editor's aren't entirely happy to know that potential copy, in one form or another from a contributor, is also freely available out on the internet. I mention this, because I've run into the problem before and it caused me the loss of potential income. With that in mind I made the difficult decision to close the Blog, and I sincerely apologise to my readers and subscribers for any inconvenience caused. Because I'm still heavily committed to completing the two books I'm currently working on, I will post information about them on here once they go to publication. Thanks, and stay safe.

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