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Cartwheeling with Geese

A collection of humorous boyhood stories from the 1950s and 1960s in pre-independent Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Because of the era about which the book has been written, the author has stayed with the historical names of the towns in the country's eastern border region, where he grew up. Growing up in a farming community afforded ample opportunity for mischief, and it's served up on the pages of this hysterically funny book in large amounts.


The book starts off with a story about how at age six, the author and his indomitable friend 'Carshy' stalked the farm's stud dairy bull. Armed with a BB gun they'd decided to shoot the bull on his scrotum. Getting chased by angry geese adds to the mix of hilarious tales, and it is from the goose story the book derives its title. Cartwheeling with Geese will resonate with anyone who was schooled in the Rhodesia of that era.


The stories aptly portray the high-spirited life of young boys living a mischievous and carefree life before the advent of TV, and other hi-tech distractions in Rhodesia. Despite the tongue-in-cheek humorous nature of the book, some of the stories are tinged with sadness due to a future they could never predict at such a young age.


Cartwheeling with Geese is a form of historical Rhodesiana about life during a bygone era some sixty-five years ago, even if the book does cause the reader to constantly laugh out loud!       

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