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Shadows in an African Twilight

Shadows in an African Twilight is a collection of fascinating stories about a life of adventure spread across nearly four decades in Africa that eventually culminates in Iraq.

Some stories include aberrant behaviour of man-eating lions and killer crocodiles, stories of courageous Rhodesian game rangers who while fighting to preserve the wildlife of a beautiful country were also fighting a war. 

The author also relates some of his experiences as a pseudo counter-terrorist operator in the elite Selous Scouts during the Rhodesian Bush War, and covers many of his experiences as a professional hunter in the exciting world of African Safari.

Having also served in the previous South African era ‘black homeland’ of Ciskei he offers an often-humorous insight into life during the wayward period.

The book ends with a look into what it is like to work in war-torn Iraq in the specialised field of Security Escort Teams.

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