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An Iraq Interlude

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

I'm pleased to say the above book is now in publication and available on Amazon in both conventional paperback format and as an eBook for Kindle readers. See the link below;

The above photo shows my latest book cover. In the book, I've expanded on my experiences spent during the two years I served with Erinys Iraq. Originally, this phase of my life (2004-2006) was covered in brief as the final part of my first book Shadows in an African Twilight (published in 2008). However, and despite my normal writing genre having been wildlife conservation issues, and hunting on a sustainable yield basis, I've decided to write An Iraq Interlude as a stand alone book.

At present the draft consists of about 25,000 words and upon completion, I'm hoping the word total will be about 40 - 45,000 words. To add to readership interest I've also invited a few of my colleagues who were in Iraq with me, to contribute anecdotes and stories about their own experiences in theatre. The book will have a number of photos in greyscale, and it'll be available on Amazon in conventional paperback format, and as an Ebook for Kindle devices.

In a nutshell, the book is about the close protection industry as experienced by those of us who served with Erinys Iraq. The company had as its main contract with the US DOD to provide protection to USACE staff working on refurbishment, and new development projects throughout most of Iraq. These USACE projects included amongst others, oil field restoration and protection.

Somewhat cosmopolitan, Erinys (a UK company) attracted ex soldiers from the UK, US, South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia, Canada, Nepal (ex Brigade of Gurkhas) and elsewhere. It was an exceedingly successful and respected company, and still is. Many lifelong friendships were formed amongst those of us who served with Erinys Iraq, and we still maintain contact in cyberspace sharing memories, photos, and laughs. The cover photo shows Reggie Gretton, an Erinys Security Escort Team member standing against the blast protection wall at an Iraq oil installation.

Because of work commitments, and other writing projects including another lengthy book I'm doing in tandem with An Iraq Interlude, I'm hoping this latter book will be available by early 2022.

Above: Erinys Security Escort Team vehicles readied for transportation of their USACE principals to an onsite task in southern Iraq.

Above: Two Erinys SET (Security Escort Team) members provide protection for an onsite USACE visit.

Above: Erinys SET members ready their equipment and weaponry for a pending task.

Above: Erinys Basra SET Eagle 3, having been transferred to Basra as Project Lead, I'm standing at centre.

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