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The Hunting Game

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The second of my three books on hunting is now also available on as a hardcover edition. This completes the trio, of which the titles in consecutive order are; Tracking the Memory - Tales of Hunting, The Hunting Game and There's Something About Buffalo. All three books have already been available for a number of years in paperback and eBook formats, however, I thought it would be nice to also make hardcover versions available. There is very little difference between the cost of a harcover and paperback although the hardcover will certainly be a lot more durable. The hardcover version of The Hunting Game is also well-illustrated with monochrome photographs. The Foreword for The Hunting Game included below was written by the long-time Hunting & Rifles Editor of South Africa's well known Magnum magazine, Gregor Woods (now retired).


Several years ago, Kevin Thomas began writing articles for Magnum, South Africa’s premier hunting and shooting magazine. As that publication’s Hunting & Rifles Editor, I had the pleasure of editing all Kevin’s work that we published. Having spent much of my life hunting in the very parts of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe of which Kevin writes, I knew from the outset that this was the real thing and that we had an exceptional hunter and descriptive writer in this man. I also had the pleasure of writing the reviews we published of his earlier books, so I am intimately acquainted with his work.

I can think of no one better qualified to tell the true story of southern Africa’s game country, the wonder of its wildlife, the violent political conflict in its recent past, and the tragedy that has ultimately resulted for the land, its wildlife, and people alike. Kevin’s experience covers the full spectrum; he began as a game ranger for Rhodesia’s Dept of National Parks & Wildlife Management, then fought in the ‘bush war’ as a member of that country’s elite Selous Scouts, after which he spent the remainder of his career as a Professional Hunter and safari guide. Kevin has a genuine love for Africa and its wildlife, and this unmistakably comes through in his writing.

Gregor Woods

Editor: Hunting & Rifles


Below is the cover of the paperback version of The Hunting Game

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