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Updated: Oct 2, 2022

For awhile now South African readers have periodically asked me where they can purchase my books in South Africa. Unfortunately, and since we emigrated to the UK, I no longer have my books published in South Africa, although they are published here in the UK. Not helping any is the fact one can no longer mail books to SA and be confident of their arrival at final destination. A sad indictment indeed on South Africa’s abysmal Postal Services. When I was still risking sending books airmail from the UK to SA, some of them were taking up to 3-months to reach their destination, when at most an airmail package containing a book from the UK to SA should only have taken 10 to 14 days. Because of this bizarre situation we looked into couriering books to SA but it was cost prohibitive to the buyer. As a result, and to make things easier for all concerned, I then put all of my books onto Amazon, and use them as the publishing platform too. However, and because of the postal services unreliability in SA, Amazon too, so I am told will not mail stuff to SA. It was only earlier this year when I first learnt of what I presume is an Amazon affiliate organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, called who list my books and South African buyers are able to purchase all of my titles through them. A friend in Cape Town uses the route and has had no glitches when ordering my books, and says they arrive timeously. I have a seventh book currently nearing completion and it to will be listed once published. For those who might be interested, I’ll include the Takealot website here:

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